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Completions Evolution:
Downing's Freedom Series with Data Powered by Cold Bore Technology

Redefining efficiency with Continuous 24/7 Fracturing
Downing's trailblazing Freedom Series Completion System is an industry beacon, heralding a new era of continuous pumping that enables round-the-clock fracturing.
A Digital Revolution: Cold Bore Technology Integration
In our commitment to innovation, we're excited to announce a partnership with Cold Bore Technology.
This integration ensures that every Freedom Series Completion System is supercharged with Cold Bore's
cutting-edge centralized and standardized data, offering real-time, seamlessly streamed operational pad data for unparalleled customer insights.
Unleash the Power of Data-Driven Decision Making:
1. Instantaneous Insight - Access pivotal operational data on the fly via the Downing operational dashboard, brought to you by Cold Bore Technology.
2. Deep Dive Data - Explore granular pad-level data to unveil invaluable improvement avenues. Exclusive Cold Bore dashboards are available for those seeking even deeper insights.
3. Streamlined Operations - Achieve operational excellence by minimizing pad personnel, improving safety, and reducing costs.
4. Unified Data Analytics - Experience the future of advanced analytics with seamless integration into end-user app platforms such as Corva.
5. Remote Operations Capability - Combining Downing’s system-level control with Cold Bore’s digital twin and analytics enables remote operations.
Join us in this transformative journey as Downing and Cold Bore enable continuous 24/7 fracturing .
Your future awaits.

FAQ's Regarding Our Partnership

  • What value does this partnership bring?

    • Plug-and-play control, data, and analytics immediately available

    • Eliminates cost and increases safety by removing one person from the pad

    • Additional analytics, as well as programmatic access to all pad-level data, are available for purchase

  • Is there an additional cost?

    • This partnership eliminates costs by reducing personnel onsite.

    • When customers adopt Freedom Series, they will get access to Downing's Cold Bore dashboard. Additional analytics are available for purchase.

  • I thought Downing provided data. Why the partnership?

    • While Downing provides access to operational data, Cold Bore offers pad-level data, analytics, and support, providing more data and analytics than ever before.

  • What does it mean that this partnership is "Remote Operation-capable"?

    • To truly operate remotely, a remote operations center needs access to real-time data, analytics, and control.

    • Downing provides remote control of the surface system with the appropriate interlocks to safely move to well-to-well.

    • Cold Bore provides real-time data and analytics, giving the remote operations center the necessary insights to operate the fracturing operation remotely.

Downing Graphics (1).png

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