Blog - February 4, 2021

World Oil Article – What the consolidation in fracing means to its future

How the recent consolidation of operators in the fracing sector will lead to a digital revolution. Read More
News - January 25, 2021

American Oil and Gas Reporter Article – Cold Bore Helps Hibernia Speed Completions Work

By using Cold Bore Technology's SmartPAD to gain visibility into its completions operations, Hibernia Resources III reduced non pumping time from an average of 8.91 hours per day to 4.19 hours per day. The Operator also shaved 15 days off its 2020 campaign and saved $300,000 in fixed costs. Read More
News - January 1, 2021

Hart Energy – Digitizing well completions reduces the cost to complete a well

When we talk about the digitization of well completions, forget the buzzwords you are used to reading; while they sound nice, they mean nothing. Instead, let’s focus on the concrete, monetizable solutions that operators are realizing right now. Read More
News - November 23, 2020

BOE Report Article on Cold Bore Technology and Hibernia Resources

Hibernia deployed Cold Bore Technology’s SmartPAD across 100% of its 2020 operations. Using a combination of sensors and proprietary state detection algorithms, the SmartPAD tracks operations directly at the wellhead and connects all onsite service companies to a trusted source of formatted and timestamped operational data. Read More

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