News - July 20, 2021

The Crude Life Podcast – Work Hard Play Hard with Guest Brett Chell

Brett Chell, CEO of Cold Bore Technology recently joined Jason Spiess on The Crude Life's - Play Hard Work Hard Podcast

Brett gives an overview of what Cold Bore Technology is and does and the two discuss how all the moving parts on a well pad is very similar to a small city.
Brett explains how Cold Bore's technology allows the different parts of the well site to communicate in real-time creating opportunities for savings and efficiencies.

The authenticity of ESG and technology are discussed in detail. Whether companies have those services and/or behaviours or whether they are just a product of a brainstorming session with a marketing team.
Brett also explains how understanding your business’ intentions is critical when integrated technology due to the seemingly unlimited potentials involved. Read More
News - July 20, 2021

HartEnergy E&P – How Digitization Can Reduce Hydraulic Fracturing’s Environmental Impact

The digitization of well completions can help operators understand their emissions profile and optimize operations.
With the digitization of well completions, sensors at the wellhead provide automated data that is captured in real-time by IIOT sensor-driven software. These data, from upward of six to 10 different service companies, are formatted and time-stamped, providing an accurate, verifiable operational time series. The fully autonomous system is visible and accessible.
Efficiencies gained from this automation allow faster completions, meaning less time on the pad and a collateral reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions from those completions. For example, with a completions master control system, Hibernia was able to shave 15 days off of a four-pad program. That is a 15-day reduction in the amount of time that diesel or natural gas burning assets (i.e., fracturing pumps) are working on site. That is a quantifiable reduction in emissions. Read More
Blog - June 18, 2021

Setting the stage for clean fracing

Digitization of well completions is the first step toward green, sustainable fracing operations. Read More
News - June 9, 2021

Erdos Miller Podcast

In this episode, hosts Ken Miller and David Erdos interview Brett Chell CEO of Coldbore Technology. Brett gives them an insight look at the industry and his experience with the completions industry to provide fully autonomous frac for all operators.
Read More

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