News - April 9, 2021

Oil and Gas Onshore Podcast

Fully Autonomous Frac using iComplete with Brett Chell, CEO at Cold Bore Technologies and John Eden, VP of Surface Americas at TechnipFMC Read More
News - April 11, 2021

Business of Energy, April 2021 Cover Story

Given the state of the hydraulic fracturing (also referred to as ‘fracing’, ‘frac’ and ‘well completions’) industry over the past five years, one might assume it’s a tough business to be in today. In the last year alone, everything that could have gone wrong for the industry seemingly did: oil fell to negative $37/barrel; a surge of bankruptcies and consolidations swept North American oil and gas companies; the COVID-19 pandemic caused a seesaw in the demand for energy; and, a newly-inaugurated U.S. President Joe Biden banned fracking on U.S. federal land.
Read More
News - April 11, 2021

Oil and Gas Business Builders Podcast

Check out the latest episode of the Oil and Gas Business Builders Podcast with host Laura Kamrath and her guest Brett Chell, CEO of Cold Bore Technology. In this episode, they discuss Tips for Resiliency & Innovation From a Serial Entrepreneur. Read More
Blog - February 4, 2021

World Oil Article – What the consolidation in fracing means to its future

How the recent consolidation of operators in the fracing sector will lead to a digital revolution. Read More

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