News - May 27, 2020

BOE Report Article on Cold Bore’s Frac Action Release

Cold Bore Technology launches beta/commercial test of pioneering ‘Frac Action’ frac optimization software Read More
News - May 27, 2020

Hart Energy Article on Cold Bore’s Frac Action Release

Cold Bore Technology said its new Frac Action graphing software allows frac operators, for the first time, to overlay high resolution, real-time stage frac data onto that of multiple previous stages. Read More
News - May 13, 2020

Cold Bore Featured in Drilling Contractor Article

One challenge for operators seeking to maximize the performance of their wells is how to organize the streams of data coming from various sources during their drilling and completions campaigns. This question has spawned new technologies that help operators look at completions as a much more critical part of the well construction process, not as an afterthought at the end of a drilling campaign. This was a key motivation behind Cold Bore Technology’s SmartPAD, a completions application that allows operators to digitize and monitor all of their frac sites simultaneously and remotely. Read More
News - January 29, 2020

Cold Bore Technology Closes Deals & Installs SmartPAD Completions Technology with Two New Permian Fracking Operators

Cold Bore Technology Inc. (“Cold Bore”), a leader in completion optimization technology, announced today that it had finalized new deals with two leading energy producers based in Western Texas’ Permian Basin and completed installation of its SmartPAD completions operating system. Read More

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