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Official Press Release: Cold Bore Technology Named in Top 10 2021 Innovators from Darcy Partners

Cold Bore Technology Inc. (“Cold Bore”), the leader in frac completions automation and platform technology, announced today that it has been recognized by notable innovation advisory firm, Darcy Partners, as one of the Top 10 Technologies from 2021 in Drilling and Completions.

With a rich and proprietary dataset on its Darcy Connect platform, collating information from over 10,000 energy company users, Darcy Partners is able to uniquely track which innovators saw the most activity on the platform in the form of views, clicks, likes, follows, meetings scheduled, etc. Combined with analysis from its Research Team about technology developments and market traction, it selects the Top 10 Innovators from 2021 in each of its coverage channels.

Cold Bore was recognized as a breakout performer in the Drilling and Completions sector in a year that saw it drive record deployments of its SmartPAD completions platform and control system, record revenues and almost double the size of its workforce both in Canada and the United States.

In a statement released on LinkedIn, Darcy Partners remarked that “2021 was characterized by a recovery in activity in both Drilling and Completions from the lows of 2020, a trend we expect to see continue into 2022.” It went on to say that its selection of the Top 10 Innovators from 2021 in each of its coverage channels is its way of saying: "these are the innovators that your peers are most interested in, so you should definitely go and learn more about them.”

“Receiving this accolade and endorsement as a top solution in high demand by real operators, further validates the growth we’re experiencing both in the market and within Cold Bore as a company,” said Brett Chell, CEO at Cold Bore. “The drive towards fully automated completions is stronger than it’s ever been and we’re thrilled to be partnering with so many of the largest and most progressive operators across North America to lead the charge."

Cold Bore is changing the face of frac with its centralized digital platform called SmartPAD. SmartPAD is an end-to-end, fully integrated “Plug and Play” completions platform. Acting as a digitised control centre, SmartPAD automatically tracks an independent and complete multiservice timestamp for the entire fracing operation. Second by second the SmartPAD standardizes the entirety of data collection, visualization and communication between services and the operator. This is the universal connection point to end all data and protocol variability struggles with a universal approach that makes formatting every pad as easy as “Plug and Play.”


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